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Number of People Suffering From Osteoarthritis Has Doubled

30 Aug 2017 | 71,403 Views

People born after 1940 have a 2.5 times greater risk of developing osteoarthritis than those born prior to 1940. Although unable to pinpoint a specific cause for the rise in prevalence, researchers believe a significant factor is related to your environment. I'll give you strategies to help prevent the condition, and reduce your pain without drugs.

Study Finds Evidence of Connection between Arthritis Flare-Ups and Weather Conditions

20 Mar 2016 | 363,018 Views

A new study has found a potential link between this and fluctuating levels of joint pain. It may actually impact the nerve endings around your joints, increasing pain levels. Plus: a simple way to help reduce your pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication Implicated in Death of Popular Musician - How Natural Treatment Options May Help You Avoid the Same Fate

03 Feb 2016 | 444,604 Views

He might have died from colitis and pneumonia, but they were simply side effects from being treated with drugs for this. Please be careful, even though they're legal, these drugs are very toxic, capable of shaving a decade or more off your lifespan.

Krill Oil Supplementation Lowers Your Triglycerides

10 Feb 2014 | 161,458 Views

High triglycerides increase your risk of heart disease, but taking krill oil may be a simple way to lower this risk.

Another Study Finds Arthroscopic Knee Surgery No Better Than Sham Surgery

07 Feb 2014 | 374,356 Views

If your doctor suggests this surgery, show him these 4 opposing studies and save yourself the risks, money, lost work and lost play. Because it's been busted - 4 times now!

Prevalence of Lyme Disease in the US Is 10-Times Higher Than Previously Reported

04 Sep 2013 | 347,409 Views

You expect the classic "bull's-eye," flu-like symptoms, and fatigue. But less than half of today's cases are even linked to a tick. And with some evidence that it can become an ongoing years-long struggle, you'll definitely want these tips for preventing it in the first place.

Does Cracking Your Knuckles Cause Arthritis?

06 May 2013 | 225,959 Views

Almost 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with this crippling condition - and some of the most dangerous drugs are used to treat it. But there are several natural options, like this one that was more effective than drugs with no observed side effects...

Cherries May Help Reduce Risk of Gout Attacks

15 Oct 2012 | 202,796 Views

If you suffer from this painful form of arthritis, a remarkably small amount of cherries may help tremendously.

Newer Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis All Have Similar Risks -- Maybe It’s Time to Go Natural?

27 Sep 2012 | 159,641 Views

If you suffer from this debilitating disease, you have two options - take some of the most dangerous drugs in medicine with side effects including infection and cancer. Or follow this natural treatment that tends to provide a 60-90% improvement rate. The choice is yours...

Pfizer 'Cherry-Picked' Celebrex Data, Memos Say

09 Jul 2012 | 106,877 Views

There are a large number of reasons why you simply cannot trust the vast majority of drugs on the market, and those reasons seem to increase on a regular basis.